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Nick's Quick Guide to OpenBSD  New 2-14-2000  (see what happens when a geek has no social life?)  I like OpenBSD.  I've developed the motto: "In OpenBSD we trust.  All others must have firewalls".  I've started installing it in my clients as an Internet system which can be relatively secure with little day-to-day maintenance.  However, many people I would expect would like to know more about that box, and participate in the day-to-day mainenance of their system.  Rough draft form, hopefully more will be added soon.  Should probably run it through the spell checker, too. 8-)

Nick Holland's Computer Glossary Updated 10-19-1999
It's educational, opinionated, and very far from done.

Things a Network Technician should have with them on the job  Updated 10-19-1999

NT vs. Novell   Added 3-15-1999
This article is not my finest piece of writing, however, a search engine found it some time back, before I indended it to go public, and people have been reading the incomplete draft of it for quite some time, so I sorta hurried it out for the public.  Hurried?  I've been promising this article for two years.  Geez.

The State of the Industry Added 11-18-1998

Service Contracts Added 7-9-1998

Other People's opinions of Microsoft and their "fine" products  Updated 3-15-1999

You know you are an Old Timer in the small computer world when Added 12-30-2001

Nick's Guide to Installing Windows 95 and Windows 98 Updated 3-15-1999

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